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ShaoXing county JunQi Trading Co.,Ltd
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 Our company specializes in cotton yarn,the mainly products are pure polyester middle chemical fiber:8NE,10NE,12NE,16NE,21NE,32NE ,pure cotton single and plied yarn : 21NE,32NE,40NE,50NE, 60NE,80NE,polyester/viscose single and plied yarn:32NE,40NE,50NE,polyester/cotton single and plied yarn :16NE,21NE,32NE,40NE,viscose slubby yarn:10NE,16NE,20NE,30NE,40NE,pure polyester slubby yarn:10NE,21NE,32NE,40NE,pure cotton slubby yarn:18NE,21NE,32NE
    The products are produced yearly.Our tenet is:sale cheap,keep satisfying.
ShaoXing county JunQi Trading Co.,Ltd
 Company Name:ShaoXing county JunQi Trading Co.,Ltd
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